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Objective Questions with Answers on Biology

36 Arrangement of chromosomes in the order of decreasing length is termed as
A Pedigree
B Eugenetics
C Idiogram
D Dysengenics

Answer: Option [C]
37 Traits controlled by genes located on autosomes are said to be
A sex affected
B sex influenced
C sex linked
D genetic traits

Answer: Option [D]
38 Tjio and Levan's contribution is very significant because they
A gave the number of human chromosomes
B pointed out mutational changes
C identified barr bodies
D detected sex linkage

Answer: Option [A]
39 Polytene or giant chromosomes are found in
A Salvary glands of man
B Salvary glands of woman
C Salvary glands of all animals
D Salvary glands of Drosophila

Answer: Option [D]
40 Telocentric chromosome differs from acrocentric chromosome in that
A The former has subterminal centromere whereas the later has a centrally located centrosome
B The centromere in the former is terminal and the later is subterminal
C The former has a terminal centromere and the later has a medially located centromere
D None of the above

Answer: Option [B]

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