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86 A semi-circular structure with a dome shape roof erected over the sacred relics of Buddha is known as
A Edicts
B Pillars
C Monoliths
D Stupas

Answer: Option [D]
87 Which of the following language has been given the status of classical language by Central Government ?
A Marathi
B Tamil
C Gujarat
D Malayalam

Answer: Option [B]
88 ‘Dandia’ is popular dance of
A Assam
B Maharashtra
C Gujarat
D Jharkhand

Answer: Option [C]
89 In which one of the following films did Fran act as a character artist and not in the role of a villain ?
A Zanjeer
B Madhumati
C Ram aur Shyam
D Himalaya Ki Godh Mein

Answer: Option [A]
90 What is the creative art in which Sonal Mansingh distinguished ?
A Painting
B Instrumental music
C Vocal music (Hindustani)
D Dance

Answer: Option [D]
91 Which is the field in which Ustad Bismillah Khan has distinguished himself ?
A Shehnai
B Guitar
C Sitar
D Hindustani Music (Classical-Vocal)

Answer: Option [A]

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