Indian Art & Culture GK - General Knowledge Questions with Answers

71 “Gidda” is a popular folk dance from which State of India ?
A Uttaranchal
B Uttar Pradesh
C Haryana
D Punjab

Answer: Option [D]
72 Who of the following is a famous Tabla player ?
A Vikku Vinayakram
B Pt. V.G. Jog
C Zakir Hussain
D Palghat Mani Iyer

Answer: Option [C]
73 Papeti is the festival of
A Jains
B Parsis
C Buddhists
D Sikhs

Answer: Option [B]
74 Kathakali classical dance originated in :
A Tamil Nadu
B Rajasthan
C Karnataka
D Kerala

Answer: Option [D]
75 The religious text of the Jews is named as
A The Analectus
B Zend-Avesta
C Torah
D Tripitaka

Answer: Option [C]

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