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Hindu Law - Multiple Choice Questions with Answers

16 'Heir' has been defined under:
A Section 3(d) of the Hindu Succession Act
B Section 3(e) of the Hindu Succession Act
C Section 3(f) of the Hindu Succession Act
D Section 3(g) of the Hindu Succession Ac

Answer: Option [C]
17 Hindu Succession Amendment Act, 2005 came into effect on
A 9th June, 2005
B 9th August, 2005
C 9th July, 2005
D 9th September, 2005

Answer: Option [D]


18 Under the Hindu Succession Act, the property of a male Hindu dying intestate shall devolve according to the provisions of
A Section 8
B Section 9
C Section 6
D Section 14

Answer: Option [C]
19 A dies after the commencement of the Hindu Succession Act leaving behind three sons B, C and D. The interest in the property passes to by :
A Sapind relationship
B Testamentary succession
C Survivorship
D Limited estate

Answer: Option [C]
20 Any property possessed by a female hindu whether acquired before or after commencement of the Act shall be held by her as :
A Limited owner
B Ancestral property
C Stridhana property
D Full owner

Answer: Option [D]

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