Judicial Services Exam Multiple Choice Questions with Answers on Hindu Law

21 A Hindu dies leaving behind father and son's daughter's son. They are
A Class I heirs
B Class II heirs
C Preferencial heirs
D None of the above

Answer: Option [B]
22 On which date the Hindu Succession Act, 1956 came into force ?
A 17th, May
B 17th, June
C 17th, July
D 17th, April

Answer: Option [B]
23 The Hindu Succession Act does not have territorial jurisdiction over :
A Only Hindus of Jammu and Kashmir
B Only Hindus of Goa, Daman and Diu
C Only Hindus of Renocants of Pondicherry
D Hindus all the above areas

Answer: Option [A]
24 A Hindu female W dies and is survived by her husband H, one son S and two unmarried daughters D1 and D2. How the property of W will be divided?
A into four equal parts
B 1/2 to husband and remaining 1/2 to son and daughters
C 1/2 to son and remaining half to husband and daughters
D 1/3 to husband, 1/3 to son and remaining 1/3 to daughters

Answer: Option [A]
25 Which one of the following can be a ground for disqualification under Hindu Succession Act, 1956 ?
A Mental infirmity
B Physical defects
C Conversion to other religion
D Diseases

Answer: Option [C]

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