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Commonwealth Games Quiz - Sports GK Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

1 In which city Commonwealth Games 2014 held?
A Glasgow
B Scotland
C Milan
D Johannesburg

Answer: Option [A]
2 Which of the following was the mascot of the Commonwealth Games 2014?
A Irby
B Clyde
C Lulu
D Miga

Answer: Option [B]
3 Which of the following was the motto of the Commonwealth Games 2014?
A Inspire a generation
B One world, one dream
C Share the spirit
D People, place, passion

Answer: Option [D]
4 Which African city will host Commonwealth Games 2022?
A Port Elizabeth
B Johannesburg
C Durban
D Cape Town

Answer: Option [C]
5 Which city will host 2018 Commonwealth Games?
A Hambantota, Sri Lanka
B Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia
C London, Englad
D Delhi, India

Answer: Option [B]


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