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GK on FIFA World Cup Football 2018

16 How much was the prize money awarded to the World Cup winning team France at the tournament?
A 22 million dollars
B 26 million dollars
C 32 million dollars
D 38 million dollars

Answer: Option [D]
17 Who of the following became the second teenager in the history of World Cup football to score a goal in the finals?
A Antoine Griezman
B Kylian Mbappe
C Paul Pogba
D Raphael Varane

Answer: Option [B]


18 Thiabut Courtious best goal Keeper award winner in FIFA World Cup 2018 belong to which team?
A France
B Belgium
C Russia
D None of the Above

Answer: Option [B]
19 Which player scored the most goals in FIFA World Cup 2018 and declared top scorer?
A Harry Kane
B Dele Ali
C Jamie Wardy
D None of te Above.

Answer: Option [A]
20 How many goals were scored in total in FIFA World Cup 2018?
A 159
B 169
C 179
D None of the Above.

Answer: Option [B]

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