Physics - General Science Objective Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams


Which instrument is used to convert heat into electrical energy ?

A Ammeter
B Hydrometer
C Thermoelectric generator
D Voltmeter
Answer & Explanation
Option: [C]

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A Indira Gandhi canal
B Upper Bari Doab canal
C Yamuna canal
D Sirhind canal

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A In India, single biggest employment is agriculture and allied activities
B No physical targets were visualized
C About 48% Indian workforce is employed in foreign countries or in organizations assisted by foreign capital
D About 70% Indians are involved in some type of self- employment and are the owners of some or the other micro or small enterprise

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A West Bengal
B Himachal Pradesh
C Rajasthan
D Jammu & Kashmir

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A Maintain price stability through creation of buffer stocks
B Protect the interests of both consumers and poor farmers
C Control the production of food grain
D Reduce personal and regional inequality in the distribution

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A Fundamental Right
B Constitutional right
C Natural right
D Legal right

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