Physics - General Science Objective Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams


Spectacles used for viewing 3D films have

A Polaroids
B Concave lens
C Convex lens
D Bifocal lens
Answer & Explanation
Option: [A]

Random GK Questions

A His Lordship
B His Honour
C His Highness
D His Excellency

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A is associated with melt water erosion
B is found in the arid region
C is associated with river erosion
D is associated with glaciation in lowland area

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A By Rule
B By Law
C By Authority
D By Equality

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A Jute, Cotton, Chillies
B Linseed, Castor, Turmeric
C Foodgrains, Pulses, Edible oilseeds
D Cotton, Tobacco, Sugarcane

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A Equal pay for equal work for men and women.
B Guarding the children against exploitation and moral degradation.
C Uniform civil code for all citizens.
D Promotion of Cottage industries.

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