Physics - General Science Objective Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams


When a detergent is added to pure water, its surface tension

A increases
B decreases
C becomes infinite
D remains constant
Answer & Explanation
Option: [B]

Random GK Questions

A Diffusion
B Capillary action
C Absorption
D Both (A) and (B)

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A Methane
B Methyl alcohol
C Oxygen
D Acetic acid

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A To act as re-finance institution
B To provide term loans to state co-operative banks
C To assist state governments for share capital contribution
D All of the above

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A Democratic
B Republic
C Monarchial
D None of these

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A Decomposition of potassium permanganate
B Decomposition of manganese dioxide
C Fractional distillation of liquid air
D Electrolysis of water

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