General Science MCQs with Answers for Competitive Exams

126 Ostrich is the largest living bird which:
A Walks like a horse
B Does not use its wings
C Is more an animal
D None of these

Answer: Option [B]
127 Which of the contains the carbohydrates most ?
A Barley
B Maize
C Wheat
D Rice

Answer: Option [D]
128 Alcoholic fermentation is characteristic of :
A Virus
B Algae
C Yeasts
D Bacteria

Answer: Option [C]
129 Vegetable oils are :
A Unsaturated fatty acids
B Essential oils obtained from plants
C Glycerides of saturated fatty acids
D Glycerides of unsaturated fatty acids

Answer: Option [D]
130 A biological catalyst is:
A An enzyme
B An amino acid
C A carbohydrate
D N2-molecule

Answer: Option [A]


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Random GK Questions

A seismograph
B quake meter
C barometer
D none of the above
Answer: Option [A]
A Radium dating
B Uranium dating
C Carbon dating
D Deuterium dating
Answer: Option [C]
A per capita income
B industrial development
C number of people who have been lifted above the poverty line
D national income
Answer: Option [D]
A Inlier
B Inselberg
C Playa
D Pediment
Answer: Option [B]
A pollination by air
B self-pollination
C pollination by rain
D pollination by insects
Answer: Option [A]