General Science GK Questions and Answers for Various Exams

141 The liquid that comes out of the rubber tree is called :
A Milk
B Lactose
C Silicon
D Latex

Answer: Option [D]
142 Protein value of a vegetable is lost most by :
A Frying
B Baking
C Boiling
D Steaming

Answer: Option [A]
143 Cotton fibre is obtained from :
A Leaf
B Fruit
C Stem
D Seed

Answer: Option [B]
144 Fossils are petrified Plants & animals buried under rocks & Earth which reveal:
A Different stage of evolution
B Action of earth on animals
C Capacity of earth for preserving animals
D None of them

Answer: Option [A]
145 Diabetes is caused by the deficiency of :
A Vitamin C
B Vitamin A
C Insulin
D Calcium

Answer: Option [C]


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