Geography Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams | Geography Practice Test | Set 12

1 The Planning Commission of India was set up in which year ?
1 1950
2 1952
3 1960
4 1965

2 Which one of the following regions has been classified as the ‘Western Dry Region’ by the Planning Commission ?
1 North Bihar Dry Region
2 Rajasthan Dry Region
3 NEFA Region
4 West Bengal Duars

Answer: Rajasthan Dry Region
3 Whose portrayals epitomized the relationship of political Geography to foreign policy ?
1 Adolf Hitler
2 Winston Churchill
3 Karl Haushofer
4 Isaiah Bowman

Answer:Karl Haushofer
4 Which one of the following statements is correct ?
1 One Himalayas were formed due to faulting of the earth’s crust.
2 Himalayas are the oldest mountains.
3 Himalayas belong to the Caledonian mountain system.
4 Himalayas have risen from the Tethys Sea when the sea got compressed.

Answer:Himalayas have risen from the Tethys Sea when the sea got compressed.
5 Cumulative frequency distribution is shown by
1 Histogram
2 Frequency Curve
3 Pie diagram
4 Ogive

6 In linear regression equation, Y = a + bX, if mean of X and Y series are 23 and 94.5 respectively and slope gradient is 1.5, then what is the value of intercept, a, in the distribution of (X, Y) series ?
1 50
2 55
3 60
4 65

7 Ria is an example of –
1 Neutral shore
2 Compound shore
3 Emerged upland shore
4 Submerged upland shore

Answer: Submerged upland shore
8 The Indian plateau owes its existence due to
1 compressional forces
2 tensional forces
3 emergence
4 subsidence

Answer: emergence
9 The comprehensive theory of geosyncline was put forward by
1 Hall and Dana
2 E. Haug
3 J.A. Steers
4 J.W. Evans

Answer:Hall and Dana
10 Lateral planation theory of pediment formation was proposed by
1 McGee
2 Gilbert
3 Lawson
4 Davis

Answer: Gilbert
11 Which one of the following descriptions is appropriate for the term ‘barotropic’ ?
1 Isobars and isotherms are parallel.
2 Isobars and isotherms are not parallel.
3 Isobars and isohalines are parallel.
4 Isobars and isohalines are not parallel.

Answer:Isobars and isotherms are parallel.
12 In Koppen’s classification of climate the symbol Aw refers to
1 Monsoon climate
2 Tropical rainforest climate
3 Steppe climate
4 Tropical savanna climate

Answer: Tropical savanna climate
13 Which one of the following is the main energy source for the formation of hurricanes ?
1 Geothermal energy of the Earth
2 Latent heat derived from condensed water vapour
3 Large scale fossil fuel burning
4 Formation of Ozone (O3) hole

Answer: Latent heat derived from condensed water vapour
14 Which one of the followings is the correct average air mass density at the surface of the Earth ?
1 0.9 kg m–3
2 1.2 kg m–3
3 1.5 kg m–3
4 0.7 kg m–3

Answer:1.2 kg m–3
15 In which one of the following atmospheric layers the temperature decreases with height at an average rate of about 0.6 C per 100 m
1 Troposphere
2 Stratosphere
3 Thermosphere
4 Ionosphere

Answer: Troposphere

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