Geography Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams | Geography Practice Test | Set 14

1 The nature of input cost-curve over space in industrial landscape becomes
1 Convex
2 Concave
3 Linear
4 ‘U’ shaped

Answer:‘U’ shaped
2 Among the following authors, who wrote the book entitled ‘Locational Analysis in Human Geography’ ?
1 P. Haggett
2 T. Hagerstrand
3 P. Hall
4 D. Gregory

Answer:P. Haggett
3 Nomothetic approach in geography emphasizes of
1 Induction study
2 Ideographic study
3 Law making study
4 Empirical study

Answer: Law making study
4 Alfred Weber’s approach to optimization of spatial process in industrial landscape was towards the search of :
1 Maximum revenue location
2 Least transport cost location
3 Uniformity of input demand
4 Uniformity of plant revenue

Answer:Least transport cost location
5 The major occupation of the people of Mediterranean lands is :
1 Nomadic herding
2 Livestock farming
3 Growing of tropical crops
4 Growing of grains & fruits

Answer:Growing of grains & fruits
6 Where are Tapovan and Vishnugarh Hydroelectric projects located ?
1 Uttar Pradesh
2 Madhya Pradesh
3 Uttarakhand
4 Jharkhand

7 Which state in USA grows wheat in spring season ?
1 North Dakota
2 Texas
3 Nebraska
4 California

Answer: North Dakota
8 Who coined the term GEOPOLITICS ?
1 Spykman
2 Mackinder
3 Kjellen
4 Haushoffer

9 The Tribal Welfare Committee (1952) classified Indian tribes into how many categories ?
1 5
2 4
3 3
4 2

Answer: 4
10 The Hottentots are the
1 Negritos of Sri Lanka having brown colour
2 Yellow skin colour people of South-West Africa
3 Negritos of East Africa
4 Pigmies of Cango basin

Answer: Yellow skin colour people of South-West Africa
11 Which one of the following authors developed the theory of social physics to create the field of macro geography ?
1 Stewart and Warntz
2 Jackson and Smith
3 Shevky and Bell
4 Jones and Eyles

Answer:Stewart and Warntz
12 Who defined cultural geography “which emphasizes human cultures and is commonly equated with human geography” ?
1 John Eyles
2 Emrys Jones
3 Dudley stamp
4 Eshref Shevky

Answer: Dudley stamp
13 Edward L. Ullman’s 1957 study on commodity flows to study spatial interaction and regional economic structure was based on economy of which country ?
1 Europe
2 U.S.A.
3 U.K.
4 Australia

Answer: U.S.A.
14 Which one of the following is not in conformity with the central place theory ?
1 Central place is a settlement providing services for the population of its hinterland.
2 Hierarchy and nesting pettern results in maximum number of central places
3 Ubiquities and localized raw materials
4 Market areas for different goods resemble nets of hexagons

Answer: Ubiquities and localized raw materials
15 The gravity principle in identification of nodal regions states that the interaction between two geographical points is directly related to their
1 Distance
2 Masses
3 Size of settlement
4 Mode of transport

Answer: Masses

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