Geography Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams | Geography Practice Test | Set 16

1 Which one of the following Geographic approaches is correct to study crop diversification ?
1 Commodity
2 Systematic
3 Regional
4 Behavioural

Answer: Regional
2 Which of the following Gulf or Sea flanks in the North of the United Arab Emirates ?
1 Gulf of Oman
2 Persian Gulf
3 Arabian Sea
4 Red Sea

Answer: Persian Gulf
3 The term ‘Dendrochronology’ is used for which of the following ?
1 To study the density of trees in a forest
2 To study the growth of rings of trees annually
3 To study the dendretic drainage system
4 To study the antecedent drainage system

Answer:To study the growth of rings of trees annually
4 Which one of the following elements of landscape is not a factor for variation in transport costs ? (1) (2) (3) (4)
1 Distance
2 Type of Terrain
3 Type of Commodity
4 Farm Size

Answer:Farm Size
5 Which one of the following theories / indices is used to evaluate the accessibility of the nodes in the network by measuring the degree to which they are connected with each other in two ways ?
1 Game Theory
2 Graph Theory
3 Composite Index

Answer:Graph Theory
6 Who proposed the theory of Heartland in Political Geography ?
1 Spykman
2 Mackinder
3 Smith
4 Raiz

Answer: Mackinder
7 Which of the following Indian languages belongs to Sino-Tibetan family ?
1 Santhali
2 Manipuri
3 Tamil
4 Ho

Answer: Manipuri
8 Quasi-Federal Form of Government is in
1 UK
3 India
4 Russia

9 Which one of the following is the largest in areal extent ?
1 Cultural Point
2 Cultural Landscape
3 Cultural Realm
4 Cultural Region

Answer:Cultural Realm
10 Which one of the following languages belongs to the Semito-Hematic family of languages ?
1 Hebrew
2 Chinese
3 French
4 Russian

Answer: Hebrew
11 The employment multiplier concept was given by
1 J.C. Stabler
2 Kahn
3 R.D. Dean
4 D.L. McKee

12 Who among the following wrote the book titled ‘The Economics of Location’ ?
1 F. Perroux
2 T. Harmensen
3 A. Kuklinski
4 A. Losch

Answer: A. Losch
13 Which one of the following methods is most suitable for delineation of hinterland of central places ?
1 Thiesen’s polygon
2 Reiley’s breaking point
3 Nearest neighbour
4 People’s choice

Answer: People’s choice
14 Which one of the following methods is most appropriate for raising centrality of central places ?
1 Raising Agricultural Productivity
2 Establishing Small Scale Industries
3 Strengthening Central Function
4 Promoting export-based activities

Answer: Strengthening Central Function
15 Which one of the following authors quoted “Development is spontaneous and discontinuous change in the channels of the circular flow, disturbance of equilibrium, which forever alters and displaces the equilibrium state previously existing” ?
1 E. Domer
2 W.W. Rostow
3 G. Myrdal
4 A. Schumpeter

Answer:A. Schumpeter

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