Geography Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams | Geography Practice Test | Set 19

1 The thermosphere –
1 has the highest air pressure of any layer of the atmosphere.
2 is the hottest layer of the atmosphere because it has the larger amount of carbon dioxide.
3 is the coldest layer in the atmosphere.
4 is hot because molecules in it absorb high energy short wavelengths of radiation from sun.

Answer:is hot because molecules in it absorb high energy short wavelengths of radiation from sun.
2 The clean water act in India was introduced in the year
1 1976
2 1977
3 1978
4 1979

Answer: 1977
3 After Rodgers and Panwar (1988) India is divided into how many bio-geographical zones ?
1 5
2 10
3 15
4 20

Answer: 10
4 Which one of the following counties has more than one hotspots in biodiversity ?
1 Philippines
2 India
3 New Caledonia
4 Madagascar

5 The widest continental shelves are associated with which part of the world ?
1 Indian Peninsula (Eastern Coast)
2 Siberia
3 North America (Western Coast)
4 South America (Eastern Coast)

6 The tidal-generating force of the Sun is
1 Only about half that of the Moon
2 Only about one-third that of the Moon
3 Only about three-fourth that of the Moon
4 Only about one-fifth that of the Moon

Answer: Only about half that of the Moon
7 The ratio between Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD) and Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) should always be
1 Equal to one
2 Less than one
3 More than one
4 Both (2) and (3)

Answer: Less than one
8 “The dominant idea in all geographical progress is that of terrestrial unity”. The above statement is attributed to
1 Jean Brunhes
2 Friedrich Ratzel
3 Vidal dela Blache
4 Richard Hartshrone

Answer: Vidal dela Blache
9 Which one of the following is the correct sequence in the development of German
1 Troll, Peschel, Hettner, Ratzel
2 Peschel, Ratzel, Hettner, Troll
3 Peschel, Troll, Hettner, Ratzel
4 Ratzel, Peschel, Troll, Hettner

Answer:Peschel, Ratzel, Hettner, Troll
10 “Nomothetic approach in geography emphasizes upon
1 Inductive Study
2 Empirical Study
3 Ideographic Study
4 Law making Study

Answer: Empirical Study
11 Which one of the following authors was opposed to the Social Darwinist view and argued in favour of the qualities of cooperativeness and Sociability ?
1 Stoddart
2 Wittfogel
3 Glacken
4 Kropotkin

12 Who among to following was the first to measure the circumference of the earth ?
1 Plato
2 Strabo
3 Eratosthenes
4 Herodotus

13 Which one of the following cities is a permanent settlement characterized by a compact, high-density arrangement of building which lacks any order or plan ?
1 World Cities
2 Pre-Industrial Cities
3 Shenty Towns
4 Cities of Peasants

Answer: Pre-Industrial Cities
14 Which one of the following authors stated ‘if all the urban settlements in an area are ranked in descending order of population, the population of nth town will be 1/nth that of the largest town’.
1 P. Lloyd
2 L. Mumford
3 W. Scott
4 G.K. Zipf

Answer:G.K. Zipf
15 Out of the following cities, whose population is less than 10 lakhs as per Census of India 2011 ?
1 Ahmedabad
2 Pune
3 Coimbatore
4 Ambala


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