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Jobs are compensated on the basis of

A Job analysis
B Job worth
C Job specification
D Job description

Answer & Explanation

Answer: Option [A]

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A allergy
B fungus
C bacteria
D virus

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A The climate of Delhi was more suitable for Europeans
B Delhi was located at the centre of the empire
C Delhi was the traditional seat for of Imperial powers
D Calcutta was the hotbed of revolutionaries

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A Jayaprakash Narayan
B Aruna Asaf Ali
C S.M. Joshi
D Rash Behari Bose

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A Indira Gandhi Government
B Morarji Desai Government
C Narasimha Rao Government
D Vajpayee Government

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A The Dandi March
B Mahatma Gandhi’s going on fast
C No Tax campaign by Sardar Patel
D The unfurling of the national flag by Nehru

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