Friction Questions | Friction Multiple Choice Questions(MCQs) & Answers

1 Which of the following statements is true for flat belts?
A They are used for short distances between the pulleys
B They have high efficiency
C They are used in lathe machines
D All of the above

Answer: They are used in lathe machines
2 Which formula is used to calculate angle of static friction (Φs)?
A tan-1 μs
B sin-1 μs
C cos-1 μs
D none of the above

Answer: tan-1 μs
3 Which of the following surfaces will offer the least friction?
A Vinyl floor
B Plywood
C Plastic
D Ice

Answer: Ice
4 Tyres of which vehicles are biggest treads among the following?
A Race car
B Car
C Motorbike
D Excavator

Answer: Excavator
5 The radius of friction circle is independent of
A Weight of the shaft
B Radius of the shaft
C Coefficient of friction
D All of the above

Answer: Weight of the shaft
6 The flat pivot bearing is used to bear
A Axial Thrust
B Radial Thrust
C Both Radial And Axial Thrust
D None Of The Above

Answer: Axial Thrust
7 In plate clutch, the clutch plate is placed
A Before flywheel
B After pressure plate
C In between pressure plate and flywheel
D None of the above

Answer: In between pressure plate and flywheel
8 For a single started thread, the lead is equal to
A p/2
B p
C 2p
D p/3

Answer: p
9 When the two surfaces in contact have a very thin layer of lubricant in between them, it is known as
A Solid friction
B Rolling friction
C Greasy friction
D Film friction

Answer: Film friction
10 The coefficient of friction (µ) is equal to
A TanΦ
B SinΦ
C CotΦ
D All above

Answer: TanΦ
11 The body will move only when
A Force of friction = applied force
B Force of friction < applied force
C Force of friction > applied force
D All of the above

Answer: Force of friction < applied force
12 A train has to negotiate a curve of radius 400m. By how much should the putter rail be raised with respect to inner rail for speed of 48 km/h? The distance between the rails is 1m.
A 0.20m
B 0.0454m
C 0.45m
D 0.020m

Answer: 0.0454m
13 The force of friction depends upon
A Nature of surface of contact
B Material of objects in contact
C Both ‘a’ and ‘b’
D None of the above

Answer: Both ‘a’ and ‘b’
14 When moving along a curved path, he
A Leans inwards
B Leans outwards
C Is still
D Leans sideways

Answer: Leans inwards
15 Friction can be increased by
A Using air cushion
B Lubricants
C Using sand
D Using ball bearings

Answer: Using sand
16 A scooter weighs 120kg f. Brakes are applied so that wheels stop rolling and start skidding. Find the force of friction if the coefficient of friction is 0.4.
A 60kg f
B 48kg f
C 25kg f
D 32kg f

Answer: 48kg f
17 A cubical block rests on an inclined plane of μ = 1/√3, determine the angle of inclination when the block just slides down the inclined plane
A 40°
B 50°
C 30°
D 20°

Answer: 30°
18 The shape of the airplane is like a
A Bird
B Car
C Dog
D All Of The Above

Answer: Bird
19 Friction is a /an_______
A Evil
B Foe
C Both (a) and (b)
D None

Answer: Both (a) and (b)
20 Fluid are____
A Gases
B Liquids
C Gases and liquids both
D None of these

Answer: Gases and liquids both

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