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Objective Questions & Answers for APSC Law Examination | GkSeries

16 The Right to Property was dropped from the list of Fundamental Rights by the
1 42nd Amendment
2 44th Amendment
3 52nd Amendment
4 81st Amendment

Answer: 44th Amendment
17 Laws inconsistent with Fundamental Rights are void as per
1 Article 12
2 Article 13
3 Article 14
4 Article 15

Answer: Article 13


18 Right to Information in India is a
1 Fundamental Right
2 Legal Right
3 Both (A) and (B)
4 Neither (A) nor (B)

Answer: Both (A) and (B)
19 Article 20 of the Constitution provides protection against
1 double jeopardy
2 self-incrimination
3 ex post facto law
4 All of the above

Answer: All of the above
20 Article 21A is added to the Constitution by
1 86th Amendment
2 84th Amendment
3 89th Amendment
4 92nd Amendment

Answer: 86th Amendment
21 Sarkaria Commission was set up for the review of relation between the
1 Prime Minister and the President
2 Legislature and the Executive
3 Executive and the Judiciaiy
4 Centre and the States

Answer: Centre and the States
22 The power of the President of India to issue ordinance is
1 Executive Power
2 Legislative Power
3 Quasi Judicial Power
4 Judicial Power

Answer: Legislative Power
23 Who was the President of India at the time of proclamation of emergency in the year 1976?
1 V. V. Giri
2 Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed
3 Giani Zail Singh
4 Shankar Dayal Sharma

Answer: Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed
24 The impeachment of the President of India can be initiated in
1 either House of the Parliament
2 a joint sitting of both the Houses of Parliament
3 the Lok Sabha alone
4 the Rajya Sabha alone

Answer: either House of the Parliament
25 The President of India is declared to be the head of the Union Executive under
1 Article 53 (1)
2 Article 55 (1)
3 Article 52
4 Article 58

Answer: Article 53 (1)
26 Who decides the disputes regarding election of the President?
1 The Election Commission
2 The Parliament
3 The Supreme Court
4 Both (A) and (B)

Answer: The Supreme Court
27 When the Vice President acts as the President, he gets the emoluments of the
1 Vice President
2 President
3 Chairman of the Rajya Sabha
4 President in addition to what he gets as Chairman of the Rajya Sabha

Answer: President
28 The rule of res judicata is not applicable to
1 writ of certiorari
2 writ of quo warranto
3 writ of habeas corpus
4 writ of prohibition

Answer: writ of habeas corpus
29 Any question regarding disqualification arising out of defection is to be decided by
1 the President of India
2 the Supreme Court of India
3 the Chairman or the Speaker of the House
4 the Prime Minister of India

Answer: the Chairman or the Speaker of the House
30 If any question arises whether a bill is a Money Bill or not, whose decision shall be final?
1 The Supreme Court of India
2 The President of India
3 The Speaker of the Lok Sabha
4 Joint Parliamentary Committee

Answer: The Speaker of the Lok Sabha

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