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Objective Questions & Answers for APSC Zoology Examination | GkSeries

16 Which one of the following annelids is commonly known as the sea mouse?
1 Aphrodite
2 Aplysia
3 Polynoe
4 Chaetopterus

Answer: Aphrodite
17 The typhlosole of earthworm is related with
1 excretion
2 respiration
3 reproduction
4 absorption

Answer: absorption


18 Proboscis of butterfly is formed from
1 paraglossa
2 labrum
3 maxilla
4 mandible

Answer: maxilla
19 The ophiopluteus larva of Echinodermata belongs to the class
1 Holothuroidea
2 Ophiuroidea
3 Echinoidea
4 Asteroidea

Answer: Ophiuroidea
20 In pigeon, milk is secreted by both sexes through
1 liver
2 gizzard gland
3 crop gland
4 salivary gland

Answer: crop gland
21 Which one of the following is a fish?
1 Sea cow
2 Sea cucumber
3 Sea horse
4 Sea urchin

Answer: Sea horse
22 Petromyzon is not a true fish because of
1 absence of median fins
2 presence of gills
3 absence of paired fins and true jaws
4 absence of operculum

Answer: absence of paired fins and true jaws
23 Desmosomes are concerned with
1 cell adherence
2 cell division
3 cellular excretion
4 cytolysis

Answer: cell adherence
24 Spindle apparatus is made up of
1 endoplasmic reticulum
2 polysome
3 microtubule
4 spherosome

Answer: microtubule
25 Which of the following types of gametes are produced from an animal with RrYY genotype?
1 RY, Ry, rY, ry
2 RY, rY
3 RY, RY, Ry, rY
4 rY, ry, Ry, iy

Answer: RY, rY
26 Frameshift mutation occurs, when
1 base is added
2 base is deleted
3 base is added or deleted
4 anticodons are not present

Answer: base is added or deleted
27 The successive nucleotides of DNA are covalently linked through
1 peptide bond
2 hydrogen bond
3 glycosidic bond
4 phosphodiester bond

Answer: phosphodiester bond
28 Wheel organ is found in
1 Ascidia
2 Balanoglossus
3 Amphioxus
4 Annelids

Answer: Amphioxus
29 In which one of the following fishes, male shows pareintal care?
1 Anabas
2 Labeo
3 Sea horse
4 Synaptula

Answer: Sea horse
30 Bidder's organ in frog is attached to
1 liver
2 kidney
3 ovary
4 lung

Answer: kidney

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