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Classification - Questions with Answers for SSC | Bank Exam | Page-2


Directions: In each of the questions given below, four of the five options are alike in a certain way and so form a group. Which option does not belong to the group?

A Classroom
B Blackboard
C Desk
D Bench
E Chalk

Answer: [A]

All others are the part of classroom.

A Potato
B Ginger
C Turmeric
D Cabbage
E Radish

Answer: Option [D]

All others grow under the ground whereas cabbagegrows above the ground.

A Orange
B Guava
C Litchi
D Papaya
E Apple

Answer: Option [C]

All fruits have multiple seeds in the fruit, whereas litchi has only one.

A Jira
B Coriander
C Chilli
D Black pepper
E Salt

Answer: Option [E]

All are spices except salt.

A Grams
B Tonnes
C Kilometers
D Quintals
E Kilograms

Answer: Option [C]

Except 'Kilometers' all others are unit of weight.

A Iron
B Mercury
C Copper
D Nickel
E Aluminium

Answer: Option [B]

Mercury found in liquid form.

A Butter
B Curd
C Cheese
D Cream
E Oil

Answer: Option [E]

Except 'Oil' all are products obtained by milk.

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