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History Solved Questions and Answers for UGC NET Exam | History MCQs Set 27/small>

1 The Vernacular Press Act IX of 1878 became law on March 14 and it was operative in all the provinces, except Madras because
1 Natives of Madras were pro British
2 Madras province had only English papers during that time
3 Where the press in Indian languages was not yet strong
4 In Madras most of the vernacular printing presses were owned by the British

Answer: Where the press in Indian languages was not yet strong
2 In 1884-88, a twenty two year old Hindu woman was taken to Bombay High Court by her husband; what is the name of this case ?
1 Rukhamini – Madhavji Case
2 Rukhmabai – Dadaji Case
3 Rukhmabai – Babaji Case
4 Ramabai – Keshavji Case

Answer: Rukhmabai – Dadaji Case
3 In which year the very famous book ‘Stree-Purush Tulana’ (A comparison between women and men) of Tarabai Shinde was published ?
1 1880
2 1883
3 1882
4 1885

Answer: 1882
4 In which year was Indian National Social Conference Session separated from the session of Indian National Congress ?
1 1894
2 1895
3 1896
4 1901

5 Chronologically arrange the following aggrarian revolts which took place in the late 19th century :

(a) Kuka Revolt of Punjab

(b) Aggrarian Revolt of Pabna District

(c) Indigo Revolt in Bengal

(d) Deccan Agricultural Disturbances

Select the correct answer from the codes given below :

Codes :
1 (d), (b), (c), (a)
2 (c), (d), (b), (a)
3 (a), (d), (b), (c)
4 (c), (a), (b), (d)

Answer: (c), (a), (b), (d)
6 Which among the following places were set up as Vedanta Centres when Swami Vivekanand visited U.S.A. in 1899 ?

(a) Chicago

(b) New York

(c) San Francisco

(d) Los Angeles

Codes :
1 (a) and (b)
2 (b) and (c)
3 (b) and (d)
4 (c) and (d)

Answer: (c) and (d)
7 Who among the following wrote the novel ‘The Lake of Palms’ and who’s Ramayana and Mahabharata in English verse secured him a permanent place in Indo-Anglian Literature ?
1 Romesh Chandra Dutt
2 Michael Madhusudan Dutt
3 Aru Dutt
4 Rajani Palme Dutt

Answer: Romesh Chandra Dutt
8 In which year did Swami Shraddhanand start Gurukul Kangri at Hardwar ?
1 1902
2 1904
3 1906
4 1908

Answer: 1902
9 In which year Lala Lajpat Rai and Ajit Singh were deported ?
1 1907
2 1908
3 1909
4 1910

Answer: 1907
10 Whom among the following published in 1908 first regular propaganda sheet, ‘The Free Hindustan’ in U.S.A. ?
1 Sardar Singh Rana
2 Shyamji Krishna Varma
3 Taraknath Das
4 Madam Cama

Answer: Taraknath Das
11 Who said, “A government is an instrument of service only in so far as it is based upon the will and consent of people. It is an instrument of oppression where it enforces submission by coercion. Oppression, therefore, ceases when people cease to fear terror – of law or arms” ?
1 B.G. Tilak
2 Dr. Annie Besant
3 Mahatma Gandhi
4 M.N. Roy

Answer: Mahatma Gandhi
12 Who among the following was the editor of Bombay Chronicle and was deported ?
1 Stanley Reed Fraser.
2 Benjamin Guy Horniman.
3 S.K. Radcliffe.
4 C.F. Andrews.

Answer:Benjamin Guy Horniman.
13 Who among the following did not exert influence on Mahatma Gandhi during his formative period ?
1 Raychandra Mehta.
2 John Stuart Mill.
3 John Ruskin.
4 Leo Tolstoy.

Answer: John Stuart Mill.
14 Who led the Mulshi Dam Satyagrah in 1922 ?
1 M.K. Gandhi
2 N.C. Kelkar
3 P.M. Bapat
4 Vinoba Bhave

Answer: P.M. Bapat
15 Which national leader stated in 1929 that Congress was ‘not a labour organisation’ but ‘a large body comprising all manner of people’ ?
1 N.M. Joshi
2 M.N. Roy
3 Jawaharlal Nehru
4 Subhas Chandra Bose

Answer:Jawaharlal Nehru

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