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History Solved Questions and Answers for UGC NET Exam | History MCQs Set 37/small>

1 Khilat conferred on the nobles by the Mughal emperors was a
1 Yemini Sword
2 Garment
3 Sayf-i Hindi
4 Barq-andaz

Answer: Garment
2 Which one of the following statements is not correct concerning the Marathas ?
1 Shivaji had asked for the desmukhi of Junar and Ahmadnagar Parganas which Prince Murad, the governor of the Deccan, had promised to try and secure after reaching the Emperor’s presence
2 A farman of 1644 tells that Shahji had been removed from the court because of rebellious activities of his agent Dadaji Kondadeva of Kondana
3 Mavali foot soldiers became a strong part of Prince Murad’s army in the Deccan
4 Shivaji conquered Javli from the Maratha chief, Chandra Rao More in 1656

Answer: Mavali foot soldiers became a strong part of Prince Murad’s army in the Deccan
3 Paramountcy is the position of paramount power enjoyed by the British Government in relation to the
1 Indian Provinces
2 Presidency Towns
3 Zamindars
4 Princely States

Answer: Princely States
4 What age of girls’ marriage was fixed by the Age of Consent Act, 1860 ?
1 10 years
2 12 years
3 14 years
4 15 years

Answer: 10 years
5 Which ruler of India became a member of the Jocobin Club ?
1 Haider Ali
2 Ranjit Singh
3 Tipu Sultan
4 Nizam of Hyderabad

Answer: Tipu Sultan
6 Under the ‘Old Guarantee System’ the British Companies investing in railways were assured a guaranteed dividend of :
1 10 %
2 8 %
3 5 %
4 3 %

Answer: 5 %
7 Indian National Congress has been likened to Gramsci’s war of position by
1 Anil Seal
2 Bipan Chandra
3 C.A. Bayly
4 Sumit Sarkar

Answer: Bipan Chandra
8 ‘The Emergence of Indian Nationalism’ is the name of a book written by
1 Anil Seal
2 Bipan Chandra
3 Gail Minault
4 Francis Robinson

Answer: Anil Seal
9 In 1922-23 the Swarajist group in the Congress did not include
1 Motilal Nehru
2 C.R. Das
3 Hakim Ajmal Khan
4 Rajendra Prasad

Answer: Rajendra Prasad
10 The Silk Letter Conspiracy was organized by
1 Maulana Abdul Bari
2 Maulana Mahmud Hasan
3 Obaidullah Sindhi and Barkatullah
4 Muzaffar Ahmad and Mohammad Ali

Answer: Obaidullah Sindhi and Barkatullah
11 The resolution on Fundamental Rights was adopted by the Congress at its
1 Gauhati Session (1926)
2 Madras Session (1927)
3 Lahore Session (1929)
4 Karachi Session (1931)

Answer: Karachi Session (1931)
12 The theory of ‘General Will’ was propounded by
1 Abbé Sieyes.
2 Montesquieu.
3 Rousseau.
4 Voltaire.

Answer: Rousseau.
13 Which philosopher had said about the Holy Roman Empire that it is neither Holy nor Roman nor Empire ?
1 Rousseau.
2 Montesquieu.
3 Diderot.
4 Voltaire.

Answer: Voltaire.
14 Which is not correct about the features of postmodernism ?
1 It does not denounce the conventional history
2 Its historiography has recreated interest in the world of little known individuals
3 Its main theoretical contribution is its frontal attack on positivism
4 Works of history in which its influence is evident has not only extended the range of historical knowledge but also injected new life into some old ones

Answer: It does not denounce the conventional history
15 Who was elected the first President of the All India Trade Union Congress (AITUC), October 31, 1920 ?
1 V.V. Giri
2 Subhash Chandra Bose
3 Lajpat Rai
4 C.R. Das

Answer:Lajpat Rai

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