IAS/IPS Prelims Chemistry - General Knowledge Questions and Answers for UPSC Exam | Page-6

51 Which one of the following is NOT radioactive ?
A Zirconium
B Tritium
C Francium
D Astatine

Answer: Option [A]
52 Which one of the following pairs of materials serves as electrodes in chargeable batteries commonly used in devices such as torchlights, electric shaver etc. ?
A Iron and Cadmium
B Lead peroxide and lead
C Zinc and Carbon
D Nickel and Cadmium

Answer: Option [D]
53 A radioactive substance has a half- life of four months. Three-fourth of the substance would decay in
A 3 months
B 4 months
C 8 months
D 12 months

Answer: Option [C]
54 The chemical used as a ‘fixer’ in photography is
A Borax
B Sodium sulphate
C Sodium thiosulphate
D Ammonium persulphate

Answer: Option [C]
55 Consider the following statements:
I. Baking soda is used in fire extinguishers
II. Quick lime is used in the manufacture of glass
III. Gypsum is used in the manufacture of Plaster of Paris

Which of the statements given above is /are correct ?

A I and II
B II and III
C I only
D I, II and III

Answer: Option [D]
56 Which one of the following does not contain silver ?
A German silver
B Lunar caustic
C Horn silver
D Ruby silver

Answer: Option [A]
57 Lead, ingested or inhaled, is a health hazard. After the addition of lead to petrol has been banned, what still are sources of lead poisoning ?
I. Smelting units
II. Pens and pencils
III. Paints
IV. Hair oils and cosmetics

A I, II and III only
B I and III only
C II and IV only
D I,II, III and IV

Answer: Option [B]
58 Which one of the following fuels causes minimum environmental pollution ?
A Coal
B Hydrogen
C Kerosene
D Diesel

Answer: Option [B]
59 Consider the following chemicals:
I. Benzene
II. Carbon tetrachloride
III. Sodium carbonate
IV. Trichloroethylene

Which of the above/ is are used as dry cleaning chemical?

A I only
B II only
C I, II and IV only
D I, II, III and IV

Answer: Option [C]
60 Which one of the following has the highest fuel value ?
A Gasoline
B Natural gas
C Charcoal
D Hydrogen

Answer: Option [D]


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