GK Questions with Answers for RRB Exam

(1) "Father of Indian Renaissance" is related to
[A] Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar
[B] Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay
[C] Raja Ram Mohan Roy
[D] Bal Gangadhor Tilak


Answer: Option [C]
(2) Who was the publisher of first weekly Bengali newspaper 'Samachar Darpan' ?
[A] Dinabandhu Mitra
[B] Dwarkanath Tagore
[C] Keshub Chandra Sen
[D] Nripendra Narayan


Answer: Option [A]
(3) Under which one of the following land revenue system, the British Government collected taxes directly from thr farmers ?
[A] Zamindari
[B] Mahalwari
[C] Ryotwari
[D] None of these


Answer: Option [C]
(4) At the time of first census conducted in India, the name of the British Govornor was
[A] Lord Dufferin
[B] Lord Mayo
[C] Lord Lytton
[D] Lord Curzon


Answer: Option [B]
(5) Which Governor General of India introduced the East India Company policy named 'Doctrine of lapse' ?
[A] Lord Wellesley
[B] Warren Hastings
[C] Lord Canning
[D] Lord Dalhousie


Answer: Option [D]

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