Functions in C Programming - MCQ Questions and Answers

1 Consider the following program:

		char *x="xyz;
	f(char *k)

What will be the output?

A pq
B xyz
C syntax error
D none of these

Answer: Option [C]

There is an opening quote in the third statement but no closing. So syntax error occurs.

mcq on c programming functions 01

2 What does the following function print?

	func(int i)
		if(i%2) return 0;
		else return 1;
		int i=3;
		printf("%d", i);
A 3
B 1
C 0
D 2

Answer: Option [B]

mcq on c programming functions 02

3 What is wrong with the following function?

	int Main(int ac, char *av[])
		if(ac==0) return 0;
	printf("%s", av[ac-1]);
	Main(ac-1, av);
		return 0;
A Function cannot have name as Main, it should be main only
B The arguments' name must be argc and argv, respectively
C There cannot be two return statements in the function
D There error in the function

Answer: Option [D]

There is no error in the function. Here the Main() function differenciate with the main(). In the given problem the Main() has two arguments as int ac, char *av[]

4 What is the following function determining?

	int fn(int a, int b)
		if (b==0) return 0;
		if (b==1) return a;
		return a+fn(a, b-1);
A a+b where a and b are integers
B a+b where a and b are non-negative integers
C a*b where a and b are integers
D a*b where a and b are non-negative integers

Answer: Option [B]

The above function is a recursive function. The function will return a+b where a and b are non-negative integers

5 What is the output of the following code?

		int a=1, b=10;
		printf("\n%d%d", a,b);
	swap(int x, int y)
		int temp;
A 1 1
B 1 10
C 10 1
D None of these

Answer: Option [B]

The 'call by value' method is applied in this program. Here the data is passed by value in the main(). So the variables are not changed.


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