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File Processing - Questions with Answers on C Programming Language

1 How is a variable accessed from another file?
A via the extern specifier
B via the auto specifier
C via the global specifier
D via the pointer specifier

Answer: Option [A]

The extern keyword is used to indicate that the variable can be accessed by another file. It's name is visible globally.

2 The statement


is replaced by the constants of "filename.h"

A before compilation)
B after compilation
C during execution
D during typing of the program

Answer: Option [A]


3 Which of the following functions need a filename?
A fopen
B fclose
C fread
D none of these

Answer: Option [A]

The fopen function need a filename. It opens a file and points either begining or end of the file.

fp = fopen ("file.txt", "r");

here r stands for file access mode for reading a file only. The other modes are w, a, r+, w+, a+

4 In the following 'C' code

		FILE *f=fopen(filename, "r");
		puts("End of file reached");

Which one of the following can replace the ???? in the code above to determine if the end of a file has been reached?

A f==EOF
B feof(f)
C eof(f)

Answer: Option [A]

In 'C' programming EOF(end of file) is used to read a file till the end.

The syntax is as given below:


5 What is/are the purpose/purposes of buffer cache?
A Allocate memory
B Speed up read/write
C File system recovery
D All of the above

Answer: Option [B]


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