Data Transmission Network - Multiple Choice Questions and Answers | Page-6

26 Usually telephone traffic is measured by
A Blocking probabilities
B Grade of service
C Relative congestion
D Erlangs

Answer: Option [D]
27 The T1 carrier corresponding to time division multiplexing consists of following number of voice channels
A 24
B 12
C 20
D 32

Answer: Option [A]
28 In Cellular Mobile Communication handoff means
A To disturb the signal
B To disturb the antenna
C To switch off the MTSO
D To switch to a new channel when call is in progress

Answer: Option [D]
29 __________ is the IP address in the B class ?

Answer: Option [B]
30 Data communication is related to ________
A The use of telecommunication.
B The transfer of encoded data between two locations.
C The transfer of information between two locations.
D The transfer of encoded information using telecommunication.

Answer: Option [B]


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