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Data Transmission Network - Multiple Choice Questions and Answers | Page-9

41 The parameter Bit Error Rate (BER) plays more important role as compared to delay while transmitting
A Data
B Audio
C Video
D Compressed Video

Answer: Option [A]
42 Seamless networking refers to
A A complete end-to-end digital network.
B Use of single platform for end-to-end communication where geographical distance between communicating entities is hidden to the end user.
C Use of single platform for end-to-end communication where geological distance between communication entities is visible to the end user.
D Use of a single platform to transmit data, audio and video.

Answer: Option [D]


43 In which of the following shape light pulses should be transmitted in order to cancel out nearly all the dispersion effects
A Cosine
B Triangular
C Hyperbolic Cosine
D Reciprocal of Hyperbolic Cosine

Answer: Option [A]
44 If satellite is in geosynchronous orbit, it complete one orbit in
A One day (24 hours)
B One hour
C One month
D One year

Answer: Option [D]
45 Suppose you want to send an e-mail note to someone on the Internet. Which of these do you NOT need ?
A browser
B internet service provider
C at sign
D address

Answer: Option [C]


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