Multiple Choice Questions & Answers on OSI Model & TCP/IP | Page-7

31 The layer responsible for end to end delivery of the entire message is
A Network layer
B Transport layer
C Session layer
D Data link layer

Answer: Option [B]
32 How many OSI layers are converted in the X.25 standard ?
A Two
B Three
C Seven
D Six

Answer: Option [B]
33 In OSI model, which of the following layer transforms information from machine format into that understandable by user
A Application
B Session
C Physical
D Presentation

Answer: Option [D]
34 End-to-end connectivity is provided from host-to-host in:
A Network layer
B Session layer
C Transport layer
D Data link layer

Answer: Option [C]
35 How many bits internet address is assigned to each host on a TCP/IP internet which is used in all communications with the host ?
A 16 bits
B 32 bits
C 48 bits
D 64 bits

Answer: Option [B]