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Biology - Objective Questions with Answers

56 The structure of the chromosome to which spindle fibre is attached is
A Chromatid
B Telomere
C Centromere
D Chromomere

Answer: Option [A]
57 Who used the word 'chromosome'?
A Huxley
B Flemming 1888
C Kollikar 1888
D Waldeyer 1888

Answer: Option [D]
58 Polytene chromosomes were first observed by
A Batanetzky-1980
B Heitz and Bauer-1935
C Balbiani-1881
D Stevens and Wilson-1905

Answer: Option [C]
59 The structure present over chromosome is
A Nucleolus
B Centromere
C Centrochrome
D Golgi bodies

Answer: Option [B]
60 A genome is the
A Diploid set of chromosomes
B Haploid set of chromosomes
C Triploid set of chromosomes
D All the above

Answer: Option [B]

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