Assam History - General Knowledge Questions and Answers | Page-3

11 The first capital of the Ahom was
A Sadiya
B Charaideo
C Garhgaon
D Rangpur

Answer: Option [B]
12 The Koch coins were known as
A Tanka
B Mohar
C Mudra
D Narayani

Answer: Option [D]
13 The ancient name of Cachar was
A Hidimba
B Diapur
C Dhanashree
D Narayanpur

Answer: Option [A]
14 The Sinagiri Ghar celebration was first held by
A Suhungmung
B Seteupha
C Gadapani
D Sukapha

Answer: Option [C]
15 Who wrote ‘Tungkhugia Buranji’?
A Visheswar Baidyadhipha
B Srinath Barbarua
C Dutiram Hazarik
D Kashinath Tamuli Phukan

Answer: Option [B]

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