Assam History - General Knowledge Questions and Answers | Page-5

21 Piyali Phukan was hanged in the year
A June 25, 1830
B July 26, 1830
C August 26, 1830
D August 25, 1830

Answer: Option [B]
22 The Ahom ruler was first to turn the Kachari Kings as Thapita and Sanchita was
A Suhungmumg
B Jaydhawj Singha
C Rudra Shingha
D Pratap Shinga

Answer: Option [A]
23 In which year Assam region was separated from Bengal territory and was put under a chief commissioner?
A 1930
B 1890
C 1971
D 1874

Answer: Option [D]
24 The shape of the coins of Ahom reign:
A Circular
B Square
C Octagonal
D Hexagonal

Answer: Option [C]
25 Which site in Assam is the traditional burial site of the Ahom kings?
A Garhgaon
B Rangpur
C Charaideo
D None of these

Answer: Option [C]

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