General Knowledge Questions and Answers on Poverty, Unemployment and Human Development

1 What does absolute Poverty means ?
A Poverty in terms of the prevailing price level
B Poverty in terms of absolute number of people
C Poverty in terms of the absolute level of unemployment
D Poverty in terms of the basic minimum calorie requirements

Answer: Option [D]
2 What is the ‘Slack Season’ in Indian Economy ?
A March-April
B Sept-Dec
C Jan-June
D Feb-April

Answer: Option [C]
3 India’s occupational structure remaining more or less the same over the years. Which one of the following is a reason for this ?
A Investment pattern has been directed towards capital intensive industries
B Productivity in agriculture has been high enough to induce people to stay with agriculture
C People are largely unaware of the significance of transition from agriculture to industry for economic development
D Ceilings on land holdings have enabled more people to own land and hence their preference to stay with agriculture

Answer: Option [C]
4 The term “Cyclical unemployment” refers to:
A Disguised unemployment
B Voluntary unemployment
C Seasonal unemployment
D Unemployment during recessionary phase of a trade cycle

Answer: Option [D]
5 Pradhan Mantri Gramodaya Yojana aims at:
A Establishing small industries in rural areas
B Alleviating poverty through micro-enterprises
C Strengthening the Panchayati Raj System in rural areas
D Meeting rural needs like Primary education; health care, drinking water, housing, rural roads

Answer: Option [D]
6 The main objective of Antyodaya programme is:
A Uplift the poor
B Uplift the farmer
C Uplift the urban poor
D Uplift the landless labour

Answer: Option [A]
7 Operation Blackboard aims at:
A Providing education to urban slum dwellers
B Promoting adult literacy
C Opening of new schools specially for female children
D Providing primary education in an educationally backward area

Answer: Option [D]
8 Who amongst the following can take benefit of the Social Security Fund established by the Govt. of India for unorganized workers ?
A Rickshaw Puller
B Clerk in a factory
C Textile Mazdoor
D None of the above

Answer: Option [A]
9 Poverty in less developed countries is large because of:
A Lack of intelligence of the people
B Lack of cultural activities
C Income inequality
D Voluntary idleness

Answer: Option [C]
10 Which of the following is NOT an economic empowerment scheme launched by the Govt. of India for the benefit of various sections of society ?
A Swadhar
D Swayamsidha

Answer: Option [C]

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