Banking System Multiple Choice Questions - Capital Market MCQs | Banking General Knowledge

1 Which of the following rural bank is named after a river ?
A Prathama Bank
B Varada Grameen Bank
C Thar Anchalik Grameen Bank
D Aravali Kshetriya Grameen Bank

Answer: Option [B]
2 What is Scheduled Bank in India ?
A It is included in the II Schedule of Banking Regulation Act.
B It is included in the II Schedule of Constitution
C It is included in the II Schedule of Reserve Bank of India Act
D None of these above

Answer: Option [C]
3 What is the animal on the insignia of the RBI ?
A Lion
B Tiger
C Panther
D Elephant

Answer: Option [B]
4 For regulation and development of the insurance sector of the country the Government has formed :
B Reserve Bank of India
C Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority
D General Insurance Corporation

Answer: Option [C]
5 The number of Banks nationalised since 1969 is :
A 8
B 12
C 14
D 20

Answer: Option [C]
6 Which of the following is the Banker's Bank :

Answer: Option [B]
7 What is the largest Public Sector Bank in India ?
A Central Bank
C Punjab National Bank
D None of these above

Answer: Option [B]
8 In which year the Reserve Bank of India was taken over by the Government ?
A 1945
B 1948
C 1952
D 1956

Answer: Option [B]
9 In Capital Market SRO stands for :
A Self-Regulatory Organisations
B Small Revenue Operations
C Securities Roll-back Operations
D Securities Regulatory Organisations

Answer: Option [A]
10 Terms Bull market and Bear market is associated with which branch of commercial activity ?
A Foreign Trade
B Banking
C Share Market
D Manufacturing

Answer: Option [C]

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