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GK Objective Type Questions and Answers on Indian Constitution

51 Which Part of the Indian Constitution is associated with Citizenship ?
A Part-I
B Part-II
C Part-III
D Part-IV

Answer: Option [B]
52 Right to Equality is mentioned in which of the following Articles of Indian Constitution ?
A Article 14
B Article 14(1)
C Article 13(3)(1)
D Article 15

Answer: Option [A]
53 Which of the following is not an eligibility criterion for election as President of India ?
A Should be citizen of India
B Should be at least 35 years of age
C Should be qualified for election to the House of the people
D He should be elected as a member of the House of the People

Answer: Option [D]
54 The term of office of the President of India is :
A 5 years from the date of his election
B 5 years from the date of his entering upon his office
C 7 years from the date of his election
D 7 years from the date of his entering upon his office

Answer: Option [B]
55 In which year was the Council of States (Rajya Sabha) first constituted ?
A 1951
B 1952
C 1956
D 1947

Answer: Option [B]

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