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Constitutional and Administrative Law - Objective Type GK Questions Answers

31 The provisions dealing with the Supreme Court can be amended :
A By absolute majority
B By absolute majority and ratification
C By special majority and ratification
D By special majority

Answer: Option [C]
32 Which one of the following doctrines is not related to Article 13 of the Constitution ?
A Doctrine of Eclipse
B Doctrine of Colourable Legislation
C Doctrine Waiver
D Doctrine of Severability

Answer: Option [C]


33 Which of the following is not state under Article 12 of the Constitution ?
A Gauhati University Student Union
B C.S.I.R.
C Municipal Corporation, Bhubaneshwar
D Union Public Service Commission

Answer: Option [A]
34 Which Article of the Indian Constitution is related to Doctrine of self incrimination ?
A Article 20(1)
B Article 22
C Article 20(3)
D Article 20(2)

Answer: Option [C]
35 Indian Constitution was enacted and adopted on :
A 26th January, 1950
B 26th November, 1949
C 15th August, 1947
D 14th August, 1947

Answer: Option [B]

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