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Constitutional Law of India - GK Multiple Choice Questions with Answers

26 The current Lokpal Bill was introduced under :
A Article 248
B Article 252
C Article 253
D Article 246

Answer: Option [C]
27 The legislature of a State may impose restrictions on trade, commerce and intercourse under :
A Article 302
B Article 303
C Article 304
D Article 305

Answer: Option [A]


28 Article 245 has been interpreted on the basis of :
A Doctrine of Territorial Nexus
B Doctrine of Colourable Legislation
C Doctrine of Eclipse
D Doctrine of Pith and Substance

Answer: Option [A]
29 By 42nd Amendment Act the Preamble of Indian Constitution has been amended at :
A One place
B Two places
C Three places
D None of the above

Answer: Option [B]
30 Which of the following states has two houses ?
A Orissa
B Karnataka
C Assam
D Rajasthan

Answer: Option [B]

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