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Science & Technology MCQs - General Knowledge Questions and Answers | Page-7

61 Where is INS Ashwini anchored off?
A Goa
B Kochi
C Mumbai
D Vishakhapatnam

Answer: Option [C]
62 Which of the following is the first missile which has been developed in India?
A Trishul
B Agni
C Akash
D Prithvi

Answer: Option [D]
63 The first astronaut to walk in outer space is
A Neil Armstrong
B Dave Scott
C Yuri Gagarin
D Aleksei Leonov

Answer: Option [C]
64 The Headquarters of MCF (Master Control Facility) – the nerve centre of the entire space craft operations –in India is at
A Hyderabad ----- Andhra Pradesh
B Hassan –---- Karnataka
C Thumba ----– Kerala
D Sriharikota ----- Andhra Pradesh

Answer: Option [B]
65 Which of the following is India’s development IRBM?
A Aakash
B Dhanush
C Prithvi
D Agni II

Answer: Option [D]
66 The intermediate range nuclear capable missile developed indigenously is named
A Agni
B Nag
C Trishul
D Prithvi

Answer: Option [A]
67 Who regulates the slots where the geosynchronous satellites should be placed?
B Glaukosmos
C UN Secretary General
D International Telecommunication Union

Answer: Option [D]
68 The rear side of the moon was photographed by
A Mariner II
B Luna II
C Viking I
D Viking II

Answer: Option [B]
69 What is India’s first microwave remote sensing satellite?
B GSAT – 12
C Rohini
D Megha Tropiquies

Answer: Option [A]
70 Which one of the following is not a Galilean Satellite of Jupiter?
A Deimos
B Calisto
C Europa
D Ganymede

Answer: Option [A]

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