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Science & Technology MCQs - General Knowledge Questions and Answers | Page-9

81 The Indian Naval Ship being converted into a maritime museum is:
A Vikrant
B Kanishka
C Sagar Samrat
D Samrat Ashoka

Answer: Option [A]
82 India’s first Naval Museum is being commissioned at this major sea port
A Kochi
B Mumbai
C Chennai
D Visakhapatnam

Answer: Option [D]
83 ISRO’s Master control Facility is in
A Orissa
B Karnataka
C Gujarat
D Andhra Pradesh

Answer: Option [B]
84 A Nuclear Power Station is located at
A Neyveli
B Korba
C Tarapur
D Kolkata

Answer: Option [C]
85 Chief of the Indian Navy has the rank of
A Admiral
B Naval Chief
C Chief of Indian Navy
D General of Indian Navy

Answer: Option [A]
86 What was the active medium used in the first working laser ever constructed?
A A ruby rod
B Heliumneon gas
C A diamond block
D Carbon dioxide gas

Answer: Option [A]
87 Which device can be used to store charge?
A Diode
B Resistor
C Transistor
D Capacitor

Answer: Option [D]
88 What is “Hot Line”?
A A telecommunication link
B An Electric wire
C Imaginary line indicating atmospheric pressure
D None of the above

Answer: Option [A]
89 What is an FET?
A French Energy Transfer
B Field Effect Transistor
C Field Effect Transformer
D Farad Effect Transformer

Answer: Option [B]
90 What is the purpose of India’s Mars orbiter mission?
A Study its atmosphere
B Study its surface
C Study its mineral composition
D All of the above

Answer: Option [D]

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