General Science Multiple Choice Questions and Answers for SSC CGL Exam

36 The unit used to measure the distance between stars is :
A Galactic unit
B Light year
C Steller mile
D Cosmic kilometre

Answer: Option [B]
37 Tesla is a standard unit of which of the following ?
A Magnetic flux density
B Magnetic induction
C Magnetic field
D Magnetic moment

Answer: Option [A]
38 Which type of mirror is used in the head lights of vehicles ?
A Plain mirror
B Concave mirror
C Convex mirror
D Parabolic mirror

Answer: Option [B]
39 Heavy water is used in nuclear reactor as :
A coolant
B moderator
C fuel
D atomic smasher

Answer: Option [B]
40 Which metals are used in fuse wire :
A an alloy of tin and copper
B an alloy of tin and lead
C an alloy of tin and aluminium
D an alloy of nickel and chromium

Answer: Option [B]


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Random GK Questions

A Portuguese
B Dutch
C Danish
D British
Answer: Option [A]
A Right Action
B Right Speech
C Right Criticism
D Right View
Answer: Option [C]
A Dispersal of seed
B Cane-sugar
C Pollination
D Nothing of the above
Answer: Option [C]
A Geneva and Montreal
B Geneva and Vienna
C New York and Geneva
D Washington
Answer: Option [D]