General Science Optionl Type Questions and Answers for Job Exams

61 The heart of a human-being:
A Rests while you sleep
B Never Rests
C Rests between beats
D Rests during period of stress

Answer: Option [B]
62 One of the differences between plants and animals is that only plants contain:
A Cellulose
B Hydrogen
C Nitrogen
D Carbon

Answer: Option [A]
63 Deficiency of which Vitamin affects the ability to see in dim light?
D B12

Answer: Option [A]
64 Of the following metals, the best conductor of electricity is :
A Aluminium
B Copper
C Silver
D Gold

Answer: Option [C]
65 Two objects that lose the same weight in water must have the same:
A Weight in air
B Weight in water
C Density
D Volume

Answer: Option [D]


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Random GK Questions

A Omnivores
B Autotrophs
C Carnivores
D Detritivores
Answer: Option [C]
B Brazil
C Canada
D Russia
Answer: Option [A]
A Inlier
B Inselberg
C Playa
D Pediment
Answer: Option [B]
A Geneva and Montreal
B Geneva and Vienna
C New York and Geneva
D Washington
Answer: Option [D]
A increase in money supply
B increase in money supply and fall in production
C fall of production
D decrease in money supply and fall in production
Answer: Option [C]
A lay down positive instructions which would guide State policy at all levels
B implement Ganhiji's idea for a decentralized state.
C check the use of arbitrary powers by the government.
D promote welfare of the backward section of the society.
Answer: Option [A]