General Science Objective Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams

66 The Equivalent of Watt can be expressed in:
A Volt
B Kg. Meter
C Calories
D Joule per second

Answer: Option [D]
67 Sodium potassium Carbonate is :
A Carbon
B a normal salt
C A mixed salt
D None of the above

Answer: Option [C]
68 The bird that migrates from one place is no longer able to from:
A Goose
B Quail
C Crow
D Blue Jay

Answer: Option [A]
69 A Universal blood donor has blood type:

Answer: Option [D]
70 The smallest plants like organisms present on the earth are:
A Algae
B Bacteria
C Fungi
D Ferns

Answer: Option [B]


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Random GK Questions

A Bihar
B Madhya Pradesh
C Uttar Pradesh
D Madhya Pradesh
Answer: Option [C]
A increase in money supply
B increase in money supply and fall in production
C fall of production
D decrease in money supply and fall in production
Answer: Option [C]
A iron ore and manganese
B precious stone and building materials
C copper and mica
D uranium and aluminium
Answer: Option [B]
A Johannsen
B Mendel
C Lemark
D Cuvier
Answer: Option [A]
A Prathama Bank
B Varada Grameen Bank
C Thar Anchalik Grameen Bank
D Aravali Kshetriya Grameen Bank
Answer: Option [B]
A Lion-tailed Macaque, Blue Bull, Hanuman Langur and cheetal
B Snow Leopard, Swamp Deer, Rhesus monkey and saras
C Kashmir stag, Cheetal, Blue bull and Great Indian Bustard
D Great Indian Bustard, Musk Deer, Red Panda and Asiatic Wild Ass
Answer: Option [D]