Food and Nutrition MCQs | Food and Nutrition Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

1 A Substance Needed By The Body For Growth, Energy, Repair And Maintenance Is Called A _______________.
A Nutrient
B Carbohydrate
C Calorie
D Fatty Acid

Answer: Nutrient
2 Amylases in saliva begin the breakdown of carbohydrates into __________.
A Fatty Acids
B Polypeptides
C Amino Acids
D Simple Sugars

Answer: Simple Sugars
3 About half of your diet should be made up of __________.
A Grains And Vegetables
B Fruits And Milk
C Milk And Cheese
D Fats And Sugars

Answer: Grains And Vegetables
4 According to the MyPyramind food guidance system, a person should obtain most of their fat from ____________.
A beef, chicken, and fish
B vegetables oils, nuts, and fish
C fats, oils, and sweets
D milk, yogurt, and cheese

Answer: vegetables oils, nuts, and fish
5 This food group is our body's best source of energy?
A Meat Group
B Fats,Oils And Sweets
C Breads And Cereals
D Milk And Cheese

Answer: Breads And Cereals
6 Which of these is added to the food label because people sometimes don't eat ENOUGH of this?
A Fat
B Calcium
C Sodium
D Cholesterol

Answer: Calcium
7 The bread, cereal, rice and pasta group is a good source of _______?
A carbohydrate
B vitamin C
C calcium
D vitamin D

Answer: carbohydrate
8 Foods from the meat, poultry, fish dry beans, eggs and nuts group are an important source of ________?
A Iron
B Fiber
C Beta Carotene
D Calcium

Answer: Iron
9 The milk, cheese & yogurt group are important for ________?
A Strong Bones
B Teeth
C Muscles
D All Of The Above

Answer: All Of The Above
10 How many servings of vegetables do we need each day?
A 6-11
B 2-3
C 3-5
D 1-2

Answer: 3-5
11 Pulses are a good source of -
A Carbohydrates
B Proteins
C Fats
D Vitamins

Answer: Proteins
12 Which of the following contains lauric acid which is used treat certain infections and also in the manufacture of soaps?
A Coconut Oil
B Olive Oil
C Mustard Oil
D Butter

Answer: Coconut Oil
13 Which of the following has the highest calorific value ?
A Carbohydrates
B Fats
C Proteins
D Vitamins

Answer: Fats
14 Milk, cheese and eggs are the sources of
A Vitamin C and A
B Vitamin A and D
C Vitamin C and D
D Vitamin B and C

Answer: Vitamin A and D
15 Washing of peeled vegetables removes the vitamin?

Answer: C
16 Which of the following is considered an easily digestible source of protein?
A Egg albumin
B Soyabean
C Fish flesh
D Red meat

Answer: Soyabean
17 Which of the following is a water-soluble vitamin and hence is required to be taken everyday?
A Vitamin D
B Vitamin C
C Vitamin K
D Vitamin A

Answer: Vitamin C
18 Which of the following works with calcium to build strong bones
A Vitamin D
B Vitamin C
C Phosphorus
D Iron

Answer: Vitamin D
19 Which of the following metals is a constituent of Vitamin B12?
A Iron
B Magnesium
C Zinc
D Cobalt

Answer: Cobalt
20 Piperine is a compound found in
A pepper
B turmeric
C cardamom
D cloves

Answer: pepper

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