Biology - Questions and Answers for Entrance Examination

86 Each chromosome at the anaphase stage of a bone marrow cell in our body has
A two chromatids
B no chromatids
C only one chromatid
D several chromatids

Answer: Option [C]
87 A complete set of chromosomes inherited as single unit from one aprent is known as
A gene pool
B genotype
C genome
D genoid

Answer: Option [C]
88 Centromere is a part of chromosome which helps in the
A division of centrosomes
B formation of spindle fibres
C movement of chromosomes
D formation of neuclear spindle

Answer: Option [C]
89 The puffs and rings are associated with the
A endoplasmic reticulum
B polytene chromosomes
C golgi bodies
D nucleus

Answer: Option [B]
90 Lampbrush chromosomes are visible
A in diplotene of meiosis
B in prophase of meiosis
C in interphase
D in metaphase of meiosis

Answer: Option [A]

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