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Commerce Optional Solved Questions & Answers | GkSeries

91 Organizational design is based on decisions about
1 work specialization and mechanisms
2 chain of command and span of control
3 centralization and matrices
4 strategy and structure

Answer: work specialization and mechanisms, chain of command and span of control
92 Parallel integration of business units is known as
1 vertical combination
2 horizontal combination
3 lateral combination
4 diagonal combination

Answer: horizontal combination


93 Which of the following is/are public documents of a company?
1 Books and Accounts
2 Registers
3 Certificate of Incorporation
4 Memorandum and Articles

Answer: Memorandum and Articles
94 A company secretaiy is
1 a member of the company
2 a creditor of the company
3 a custodian of the company meeting
4 an officer of the company

Answer: a custodian of the company meeting
95 Cumulative Preference Shareholders can claim unpaid dividend of earlier years as a matter of right, only when
1 there are sufficient profits
2 company goes into winding-up
3 there are sufficient liquid funds
4 directors refuse to pay despite available cash balance

Answer: there are sufficient profits
96 The main objective of controlling is to
1 punish the guilty person
2 ensure that performance is as per planning
3 maintain discipline
4 fix responsibility of subordinates

Answer: ensure that performance is as per planning
97 The subsidiary voucher produced in the absence of primary voucher is called
1 general voucher
2 collateral voucher
3 notebook voucher
4 counterfoil

Answer: collateral voucher
98 The statutory report of a company is prepared by the
1 shareholders
2 registrars
3 secretary Cumulative Preference Shareholders
4 directors in general

Answer: secretary Cumulative Preference Shareholders
99 The balance of which of the following items may have credit balance too?
1 Cash
2 Bank
3 Investment
4 Stock

Answer: Bank
100 A and B are two partners in a firm. They admit C giving him one-fourth share in future profits. The new profit sharing ratio of these partners will be
1 1 : 1 : 4
2 3 : 1 : 2
3 3 : 3 : 2
4 3 : 3 : 4

Answer: 3 : 3 : 2

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