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Commerce Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams SSC UPSC Railways | GkSeries

46 "Reserve capital' denotes
1 reserve of capital profits
2 reserve of revenue profits
3 reserve fund for capital expenditure
4 uncalled portion of capital

Answer: uncalled portion of capital
47 Accounting principles are generally based on
1 convenience in recording
2 discretion of the accountant
3 practicability
4 subjectivity

Answer: practicability
48 The cost which is influenced by a decision is generally termed as
1 opportunity cost
2 implied cost
3 cash cost
4 relevant cost

Answer: relevant cost
49 Plan to buy equipment or material is called
1 sequencing plan
2 plan on time
3 supporting time
4 operational plan

Answer: supporting time
50 Employer-employee relationship is an example of
1 controllable premises
2 tangible premises
3 internal premises
4 intangible premises

Answer: intangible premises
51 Policies involved when managers repeatedly make some decisions in similar situations over a period of time are
1 specific policies
2 express policies
3 implied policies
4 appealed policies

Answer: implied policies
52 Visual representation of organization structure is known as
1 organization system
2 organization chart
3 organization pattern
4 line organization

Answer: organization chart
53 Workload analysis, workforce analysis and comparison thereof are the essential steps of
1 recruitment
2 selection
3 training and development
4 manpower requirement

Answer: manpower requirement
54 Motivation, leadership and communication are the three main components of
1 supervision
2 goal-setting process
3 direction
4 HR management

Answer: direction
55 The expectation theory of motivation was developed by
1 Victor H. Vroom
2 J. Stacy Adams
3 Clayton Alderfer
4 B. F. Skinner

Answer: Victor H. Vroom
56 Cognitive theory of motivation is based on
1 need
2 perception
3 behaviour
4 reinforcement

Answer: perception
57 Control that chooses the best inputs to avoid defective outputs is known as
1 feedback control
2 concurrent control
3 feedforward control
4 strategic control

Answer: feedforward control
58 Tactical level controls are exercised by
1 middle-level managers
2 lower-level managers
3 top-level managers
4 managers at all levels

Answer: middle-level managers
59 The relationship between a superior and his immediate subordinate is
1 direct relationship
2 cross-relationship
3 group relationship
4 indirect relationship

Answer: direct relationship
60 Authority flows from leaders to followers in
1 formal organization
2 informal organization
3 divisional organization
4 both formal organization and informal organization

Answer: formal organization

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