APSC Important Questions & Answers on Sociology Optional Paper for Prelims | GkSeries

1 Sociology is most intimately related to
1 Political Science
2 Cultural Anthropology
3 Demography
4 Criminology

Answer: Cultural Anthropology
2 Unity of Sociology with other science is its
1 subject matter
2 scope
3 method
4 emergence

Answer: method
3 The term ‘Sociology’ is bybride of the two words, ‘socius’ and ‘logus’, which come from thefollowing pairs of languages
1 French and English
2 English and French
3 Greek and Latin
4 Latin and Greek

Answer: Latin and Greek
4 Sociology does not subscribe to
1 objective
2 subjective
3 verifiability
4 accuracy

Answer: subjective
5 Conflict theory was propounded
1 Sigmund freud
2 Karl Marx
3 Max Weber
4 Herbert Spencer

Answer: Karl Marx
6 Which type of society does not exist?
1 Human society
2 Animal society
3 Plant society
4 None of the above

Answer: Plant society
7 Which of the following is/are not a characteristic of society?
1 A specific aim
2 Cooperation and conflict
3 Likeness and difference
4 Interdependence

Answer: A specific aim
8 . The standard pattern of behavior in society is called
1 role
2 more
3 norm
4 value

Answer: norm
9 The concepts of ‘Gemeinschaft’ and ‘Gesellschaft’ were propound by
1 Emile Durkheim
2 Ferdinand Tonnies
3 Robert Redfield
4 Talcott Parsons

Answer: Ferdinand Tonnies
1 Tribe
2 Village
3 Horde
4 None f the above

Answer: Horde
11 Assam is a multiethnic society, where different ethnic groups have preserved theircultures on the one hand and have developed relationship with another on the otherhand. This process is called
1 cooperation
2 acculturation
3 assimilation
4 integration

Answer: integration
12 An association is a group
1 occupying a common territory
2 deliberately constituted to fulfill specific purposes
3 concerned with all aspects of the welfare of its members
4 which is spontaneous and informal

Answer:deliberately constituted to fulfill specific purposes
13 Which one is a function of social values?
1 Social solidarily
2 Social stability
3 Social uniformity
4 All of the above

Answer: All of the above
14 Which one of the following defines relationship between ‘group’ and ‘society’?
1 Society is inclusive, while group is non-inclusive
2 Group is inclusive, while society is non-inclusive
3 Group and society both are inclusive
4 Group and society both are non-inclusive

Answer: Society is inclusive, while group is non-inclusive
15 Bahaviour contrary to the mores is not permitted by the society is it true?
1 False
2 True
3 Partially true
4 None of the above

Answer: True
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