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46 When you see a group of group of fishermen operating a huge fishnet and collectingthe trapped fish, then this activity of fishermen refers to
1 direct cooperation
2 indirect cooperation
3 Both of the above
4 None of the above

Answer: direct cooperation
47 Which one is an example of nonmaterial culture ?
1 Japi
2 Garmocha
3 Kamakhya
4 Bihu

Answer: Bihu
48 Which one is a function of social values?
1 Social solidarity
2 Social stability
3 Social uniformity
4 All of the above

Answer: All of the above
49 Regulations of social behavior on the basis of social norms and prevention ofdeviance in society is called
1 social norms
2 social value
3 social control
4 social process

Answer: social control
50 Cultural relativism means
1 culture varies from society to society
2 culture varies from place to place
3 culture varies from time to time
4 All of the above

Answer:All of the above
51 As a rule of marriage, incest taboo is a
1 preferential rule
2 prescriptive rule
3 proscriptive rule
4 None of the above

Answer: proscriptive rule
52 In contemporary time,many of the functions of a family have been taken upby external institutions. Which one of the following functions still remains withinfamily?
1 Edcational
2 Religious
3 Reproductive
4 None of the above

53 A form of marriage in which a boy and girl run away together from their homes andget married is called
1 marriage by abduction
2 marriage by elopement
3 marriage by service
4 love marriage

Answer: marriage by elopement
54 Which one is a matriarchal society?
1 Dimasa
2 Rabha
3 Mishing
4 Jaintia

Answer: Jaintia
55 Which statement is not true about culture?
1 Culture is man-made
2 Culture is variable
3 Culture is inherited
4 Culture is super-organic

Answer: Culture is inherited
56 Which one is not a pair of secondary kins?
1 Father-in-law and daughter-in-law
2 Mother-in-law-and son-in-law
3 Husband and wife
4 Uncle and nephew

Answer: Husband and wife
57 Which statement differentiates between material culture and nonmaterial culture?
1 Material culture is tangible, wheres nonmaterial culture is intangible
2 Material culture is concrete, whereas nonmaterial culture is subtle
3 Both of the above
4 None of the above

Answer:Both of the above
58 The term ‘anomic’ was first used by
1 Emile Durkheim
2 Pitirim Sorokin
3 Max Weber
4 R. K. Merton

Answer: Emile Durkheim
59 Who has given the concept ‘status-set’?
1 R. M. Maclver
2 Kingsley Davis
3 Robert K. Merton
4 Max Weber

Answer: Robert K. Merton
60 The cultural lag theory of social change was formulated by
1 Kingsley Davis
2 W.F. Ogburn
3 E. B. Tylor
4 Max Weber

Answer: W.F. Ogburn

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