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16 Who has given the concept of ‘reflexive role taking’ ?
1 R. K. Merton
2 Ralph Linton
3 C. H. Cooley
4 G. H. Mead

Answer: G. H. Mead
17 Which of the following is not a primary group?
1 Family
2 Play group of children
3 Workers is a factory
4 Workers is a factory

Answer: Workers is a factory
18 In some communities of India, marriage between children of brothers or sisters ispreferred. This type of marriage is called
1 Cross-cousin marriage
2 Parallel- cousin marriage
3 Cross- cousin and parallel-cousin marriage
4 None of the above

Answer: Parallel- cousin marriage
19 A family which gives freedom to its members to follow either patriliny or matrilinyis called
1 patri-matrilineal
2 duolineal
3 bilineal
4 None of the above

Answer: bilineal
20 Who has given the functional theory of religion?
1 Harbert Spencer
2 Auguste Comte
3 S. F. Nadel
4 Emile Durkheim

Answer:Emile Durkheim
21 The basic aim of Hindu marriage is
1 Procreation
2 Dharma
3 Moksha
4 sexual pleasure

Answer: Dharma
22 Modern families are generally
1 virilocal
2 uxorilocal
3 duolocal
4 neolocal

23 In Marxian scheme, the two classes, landlords and serfs, of the feudal societychanged into the two new classes, capitalists and proletariats, in the capitalistssociety. This kind of social change is labeled as
1 transformation
2 revolution
3 evolution
4 progress

Answer: transformation
24 Who is the author of the book, Human Society?
1 Kingsley structure
2 Wilbert E. Moore
3 Robert King Merton
4 G.C. Homans

Answer: Kingsley structure
25 A set of interrelated social units is called
1 social structure
2 social system
3 social situation
4 social static

Answer: social system
26 Change of one’s status indicated
1 social mobility
2 social change
3 cultural change
4 occupational change

Answer: social mobility
27 Who has given the term ‘role-set’?
1 Talcott Parsons
2 Edward Shills
3 R. K. Merton
4 Ralph Linton

Answer:R. K. Merton
28 Which one of the following phenomena is explained by theory of deprivation?
1 Positive reference group
2 Nonmembership reference group
3 Both of the above
4 None of the above

Answer: Both of the above
29 Which one is an example of affinalkhinship?
1 Husband-Wife
2 Sister-Sister
3 Brother-Brother
4 father-Son

Answer: Husband-Wife
30 Who has given the theory of animism about the origin of religion?
1 L. A. Morgan
2 E.B. Tylor
3 Herbert Spencer
4 Auguste Comte

Answer: E.B. Tylor

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